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    This system pass import boiler appropriation programmable prefacecontroller(PLC)control Gao the accuracy steam regulate valve and row spirit valve, To heat and the row spirit and sterilize a stage realization auto control which disinfect insidesterilizer,combine with circle dish type record the instrument carry on temperature auto record, it is the essential kit equipments of the can export.


    1. Temperature control, record accuracy Gao, match a nation relevant norm and the United States FDA request.

    2. Controller screen with Chinese interface manifestation enactment and circulate condition, operation convenience.

    3. Controller saving 20 disinfect craft procedure, when it's necessary can increment.

    4. The ability deceive foot every variety special sterilize a craft of request, such as sterilize curve request after the row annoy stage the period have persistence terrace again turn go into heat.

    5. Function credibility, establish super caution equip, insure safety, maintenance convenience.

    6. The control box body has the cabinet type(fall to the ground) the set type(hang wall) and appoint a door to choose to use.

    7. This system include an electricity to control a box, pair control a box, steam to regulate valve, row spirit valve(3 piece), hot electric resistance, pressure transmission machine, lectromagnetismvalve,compressed air two allied body and it spirit road, electric circuit, row windpipe road etc. kit component.

    *Subject to change without notice.

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