LCP-E Induction Oven
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    The design of the burner:Through a special section of magnetizer, so that the heater area can be concentrated in the range of 20mm of the welded seam, effectively guide and control the direction of magnetic field, reduce the radiation of the outside magnetic field, heating quickly、symmetrically、saving power. The design of encloser with alumiseal can be effectively reduced the radiation of electric field. Particular design of wind cooling, it can be increased the service lifetime.

    Burner control system:The controller and the heater are divided to run, increase the stability、the compatibility、anti-jamming of the equipment, good for the expansion of the burner according to the production requirement in the future. The design of inside and outside protection circuit can be better protected the burner in normal and its life. 50 level power adjustment can be precisely set. Automatic PWM can control the output of power according to the load. Time curve of heater can be flexibly set according to the technics.

    User-friendly display interface:Operation interface in Chinese and in English, detailed malfunction shows, easy maintenance, simple operation.

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