QL-80 Full Automatic Bodywelder
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    The QL-80 Series automatic resistance welding machine are newly improved products (80 cans/min Series) produced by Shantou Light Industry Mechanics Factory Company. As for this kind of machine, a lot of advance technology is applied, such as human-machineinterface control and programmable controller. The holding control of the complete appliance uses a sort of digitalization input. The newly accessory inversion welding power supply, can carry out an electric source compensate control for any location of the welding line. And a series of frequency control is adopted to replace the mechanical stepless transmission. The QL series applies a sort of bilateral delivering type; this can improve the stability at high speed of the large-diameter squat jar. Products produced by the company are of high quality, with related devices, advanced and reliable. Besides, this kind of can is of good accommodation.

    Specification of Series QL-80/QL-120-G of Shantou fully automatic bodywelders

    Different and special specifications demanded are welcome for discussion and negotiation.

    Products manufactured under the latest technical standards. Details of design and equipment may vary in the course of further development.

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