QM-500 Full Automatic Bodywelder
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    QM-500 Full Automatic Resistance Welding Machine is a kind of hi-tech product, which was developed by Shantou Light Industrial Machinery Factory Co., Ltd. with many years experiences in product technology. The newest Resistance Welding Machine is high-speed intelligent digital tin control. Using the digital static inverting technology, it can be got wavy output of sinusoidal current of welding current; using DeviceNet workshop control system, it can be got fast, reliable and convenient data control; using the most advanced motion control module, it can be made the electric shaft of whole machine and copper wire drive system can be controlled the speed and the tension; using the advanced programmable terminal, it can be monitored the running of machine and shown the dynamic picture; using the feeding method from the center of round molding by Linear Movement Servo Motor, it can be improved the accuracy of round molding for the can body; using double fingers feeding method and the push pole with crooked shaft unit, it can be improved the stability of high feeder. The performance of the whole machine is advanced, the work is stable and reliable, it is fit for DR iron welding, and it is the ideal equipment of high-speed tin making in Metal Can Making Industry.

    Specification of Series QM-500 of Shantou fully automatic bodywelders

    Different and special specifications demanded are welcome for discussion and negotiation.

    Products manufactured under the latest technical standards. Details of design and equipment may vary in the course of further development.

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